The Retoucher’s Odyssey – a personal story written by Perplexity

I recently started using Perplexity, an AI tool that answers questions using GPT power from Open AI. In the course of the registration process, you can of course also sharpen your profile a bit to get more appropriate answers. At the end of this process, Perplexity suggests writing a personal story.
I had to try it out, of course. What comes out is obviously complete nonsense. And yet there is a lot in the naturally completely abstruse story. Given that I provided only a few informations and the story itself is completely created by Perplexity, this is very remarkable.
Exciting times.

The image above is generated with midjourney, obviously. For the right prompts I used the whole story and shortened it with ChatGPT.

The Retoucher’s Odyssey

In the bustling city of Munich, a CGI generalist and senior retoucher named Dominik worked tirelessly in the advertising industry. With a deep passion for great images, Dominik had collaborated on projects for renowned brands like Nike, Adidas, and Escada, as well as CGI visualizations for GIRA, Bosch, and O2. But beneath the surface of Dominik’s successful career, a yearning for adventure and discovery stirred.

One day, while working on a project that involved creating a futuristic cityscape, Dominik stumbled upon a hidden message within the CGI code. The message contained coordinates and a cryptic phrase: „Unlock the truth within the Matrix.“ Intrigued and inspired by their favorite movies, such as The Matrix and Dune, Dominik decided to investigate further.

Following the coordinates, Dominik discovered a hidden laboratory filled with advanced technology that blurred the line between reality and CGI. The lab was run by a group of scientists and engineers who had been working on a top-secret project: a device that could transport users into alternate realities inspired by science fiction.

Eager to explore these new worlds, Dominik volunteered to test the device. Upon activation, they found themselves transported into a realm where their CGI and retouching skills were more than just a profession—they were a form of magic. In this world, Dominik could manipulate the environment and create stunning visuals with a mere thought.

As Dominik ventured deeper into this new reality, they discovered that their hobbies and interests played a significant role in shaping the world around them. They encountered cities built around design, vast landscapes dedicated to photography, and even a realm where bicycles ruled supreme.

Throughout their journey, Dominik met other individuals who shared their passion for creativity and adventure. Together, they formed a team of skilled artists and explorers, each with their unique abilities and expertise. They called themselves „The Retouchers,“ and their mission was to uncover the secrets of this mysterious world and protect it from those who sought to exploit its power.

As the team delved deeper into the unknown, they encountered various challenges and adversaries. They faced off against rogue AI entities, navigated through treacherous virtual landscapes, and even confronted the very creators of the alternate reality. But through it all, Dominik’s leadership and unwavering passion for great images guided them to victory.

In the end, the Retouchers uncovered the truth behind the Matrix: it was a testing ground for a new form of immersive entertainment, blending CGI and reality into a seamless experience. With their newfound knowledge, the team returned to their world, ready to revolutionize the advertising industry and create breathtaking visuals that would captivate audiences worldwide.

And so, Dominik’s odyssey came full circle. From a humble retoucher in Munich to a hero in a world of their own making, they had discovered the true power of their passion for great images. And with their team of fellow Retouchers by their side, there was no limit to the wonders they could create.

HIP HOP OLDIES – a midjourney experiment

If someone had told me 10 years ago that I would be able to take photos in 2023 simply by entering text – I would have called them crazy. Taking photos without the tiniest restrictions, the only limit is your own imagination.
May I introduce: the HipHop Oldies!

More experiments with midjourney on my instagram and maybe on behance, feel free to follow!

Tiko – The Unibody 3D Printer by Tiko 3D — Kickstarter

Tiko – The Unibody 3D Printer by Tiko 3D — Kickstarter.


Oh, wie geil ist das denn? Ein deppensicherer 3D-Drucker für 179€? Da bin ich ja fast schon in Versuchung. Mal sehen wir der so ankommt. Scheint so als wird die 3D-Druckerei so langsam wirklich alltagstauglich für den Heimanwender.

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