MicroFloaties. Schönes Tool für Cinema4D, das Kay Tennemann auf dem Münchner Maxon Usermeeting am Rande erwähnt hat. MicroFloaties fügt der Cinema Szene klitzekleine, schwebende Staubpartikel hinzu, was ein wenig Atmosphäre schafft und einfach nett aussieht.

MicroFloaties from Dominik Moser on Vimeo.

Microfloaties is a FREE* tool for Cinema 4D that lets you quickly add floating dust particles to your scene. It’s a rig fashioned from some of the mograph tools (cloners and effectors), some xpresso, and given specific user data to control the amount, size and speed of the dust particles, as well as the scale of the area they occupy in your scene file. Microfloaties requires Cinema 4D R12 Studio.

Soft bodies

Ziemlich coole, simple, aber doch eindrucksvolle Animation von therocketpanda die aufzeigt, was SoftBodies so können.

Soft bodies from Rocketpanda on Vimeo.

A Cinema 4D soft bodies test, just for fun.
More info on my website:
I don’t own any right for the models, I just found them on some free 3D models websites.
Music is Second place by Earsmack: http://soundcloud.com/earsmack/second-place

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